Fez, the ancestral city

Since its foundation in the year 789 by Idriss 1st, there were many changes in the social and administrative structure of the city of Fez. It was the capital of the Kingdom of Morocco intermittently until 1912, the beginning of the French/Spanish protectorate. Fez also experienced several waves of immigration. The most important ones are those from Kairouan and Cordoba from the 9th century. With this social mixing and its advantageous geographical position for trade between the North and the South, East and West, Fez was the preferred way of African and Arab trade caravans.




Its cultural influence evidenced by the founding of the university and mosque Qarawiyne has strengthened its position as a city-leader regionally and internationally. Also, the availability in its region of high quality raw materials made ​​the city of Fez essential to craftsmanship.

Welcome to the most ancestral city of the kingdom of Morocco, Fez.




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